It's The First Day of School

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Help your kindergartener know precisely what to expect on their first big school day! It's the First Day of School: A Children's Book About Starting Kindergarten prepares children for the fun, excitement, friendship, and education the new school year offers.

Throughout this sweet, rhythmic story, Louie, a brave little elephant, teaches children what it's like to start the school day in a classroom full of new faces and unfamiliarity. Even though Louie has some first-day jitters, he thinks his classroom looks fun and decides to give it a go!

Focusing on five primary concepts that are typically taught in a kindergarten classroom: cognitive, social, language, motor skills, and emotional health - your student will love and appreciate the art of learning, whether they're exploring new interpersonal skills and self-regulation, practicing how to listen and respect others or experimenting with new cognitive skills and thinking.

It's the First Day of School: A Children's Book About Starting Kindergarten is the 7th book in its series and follows the theme of helping children find their inner bravery by navigating change, transitions, and new feelings.

Five primary concepts taught in kindergarten:

Cognitive: With a fun and rhythmic storyline, Louie learns to recognize, write, order, count, and match shapes, objects, and colors through exciting and engaging lesson plans.

Social: Louie learns the importance of teamwork while listening to and respecting his classmates through vibrant illustrations. He also learns to approach and make new friends in the classroom by asking questions, listening, and practicing kindness.

Language: Louie is part of a performance with his classmates; his class focuses on the importance of language and sight words, the alphabet, sounds, writing, and reciting lines for their big theatrical event.

Motor Skills: Playing on the playground is a big part of kindergarten! This is where hand-eye coordination and movement are at their peak. Louie practices juggling a soccer ball and become better at the sport through perseverance and determination. The playground is another place that provides an opportunity to work as a team and encourage one another.

Self-regulation and Emotional Health: Senses, the body, and becoming in tune with BIG feelings are essential to growing up. Emotional health and self-regulation are a big part of the kindergarten curriculum. Learning to pause, take a breath, and listen to the body and what it might need to feel better is something your student will learn to appreciate this school year.


Through the Brave Kid Press book series, your child will learn:

✓ The importance of trying something new.

✓ How to self-regulate BIG emotions.

✓ That bravery lies within, and we can access it anytime.

✓ The importance and benefits of curiosity and being open-minded.

✓ Overcoming new challenges can often lead to even more fun and adventure!

✓ How to find security with change in a new environment.

✓ That sleep is essential for everyone and allows us to have more fun when awake.

✓ The importance of consistency. Grit and perseverance help challenges become easier with time.

✓ The incredible feeling of conquering hard things!

✓ That kindness always wins.

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