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Give your child confidence to quickly conquer new milestones without stress or overwhelm 


The toddler years can be the most amazing, yet challenging of times. On one hand, it's hard to believe that your little one is growing up before your eyes (and it's the most incredible joy to be part of) but on the other hand, with growing up comes change and new milestones. These transitions can often be daunting for both the child and the parent.

We created the character, Louie, with your child in mind. It's our goal that your child will instantly relate with Louie's adventurous spirit, independence and fun loving nature. He or she will giggle through this sweet, rhythmic story but also learn that change can be overcome by a little courage and that the outcome can actually lead to even more fun and adventure!

We understand that there are many different tactics and tools to conquer transitions (and that each household may handle them differently), however, we strongly believe that before technique there needs to be a want and desire within the child first. 

The same is true for adults. Think about it, there's no way you're going to learn a foreign language if you don't have the desire. You can be thrown into some of the best classrooms and programs but will have a hard time grasping the information until you're actually interested and motivated. 

Louie's Little Lessons sole focus is to ignite curiosity and motivation when it comes to facing change (then, the technicalities can be taught whichever way you chose), however, the first and most challenging step is establishing the correct mindset. We hope to help your child find the right mindset and courage for years to come. 

About the Author

Liz Fletcher, Author of Louie's Little Lessons
Liz has had a passion for art, creativity, and reading since she was a little girl. After graduating with a BA in Graphic Design and Fine Arts from The University of San Francisco, Liz decided she didn't want to work the typical 9-5 pm job. After many business ideas, late nights, tears and too much coffee - she started Louie's Little Lessons Publishing featuring a brave little elephant named Louie. The series was inspired after having her first child (1 of 3) as she found it difficult to find books that promoted courage while transitioning through tough childhood milestones (potty training, eating well, welcoming a new sibling, moving to a big kid bed, etc). She wanted her children to find their inner courage to embrace change because it was fun, not because they were being told it was something they had to do. Liz's book series has helped thousands of children across the globe and she hopes that it continues to inspire for a lifetime.

Through our adorable, rhythmic book series, your child will learn:

  • The importance of trying something new.
  • That our courage lies within ourselves and we can access it at any time.
  • The importance and benefits of curiosity and being open-minded.
  • Overcoming new challenges can often lead to even more fun and adventure!
  • The importance of being well-rested and staying in bed until morning time.
  • How to find security with change in a new environment.
  • That sleep is very important for everyone and allows us to have more fun when we're awake.
  • The importance of consistency.
  • That every challenge becomes easier with time.
  • The amazing feeling of victory, especially when accomplished by oneself.

Enjoy! We hope you love Louie as much as we do!


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